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Stamping and Scrapping is my passion, photography is a hobby, teaching dance and music is my career, healthy eating and feeling good is my way desire, being spiritually centered is my dream, and being wife and mom of 4, is my life!
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August 22, 2012


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Hi, It's Joanie's cousin Jackie. First time here & saving it in my favorites. Don't say scrapbooking is disappearing, I'm just getting started! Recently asked to make50th birthday book 40+pgs. Everyone at party appreciated that it was handmade &admired all the 3d embellishments & details, plus all the time &devotion it took to create. Side by side there's no comparison with digital. I actually got requests for making 2 scrapbooks & party planning, from a mom who said she's not crafty & wants her girls birthdays to have a homemade impact. It's a great compliment but usually do things for free, now have to look at the business side of it but so difficult to know how much $ to charge...eeek...any help appreciated. Jackie

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